Finding Your Balance

Services Offered


Free Phone Consultation

Connie offers a free 30 minute phone consultation to new clients in order to determine whether there is a good fit between she and the client and to discuss whether Connie's experience and training matches the needs of the client.   If the client feels that Connie is a good match for them, further appointments can be scheduled.



Individual Counseling

Connie provides individual counseling to children, adolescents and adults in order to process trauma, work to change thoughts and feelings and develop appropriate coping skills.  



Family Counseling

At times, family counseling may be indicated when the mental health symptoms appear to be a result of difficulty in communication and care between family members.  In addition, Connie offers parenting coaching services to assist parents when children have behavior problems at home or at school.  Connie is experienced at partnering with physicians, other therapists and schools to assist in creating a comprehensive treatment program for the children and their families.



Couples Therapy

Connie offers couples therapy based on the Gottman Method to strengthen relationships.  Connie has had training through the Gottman Institute and works with couples using the 9 principles developed by Dr. John Gottman.   

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Group Therapy

Connie offers DBT group therapy for adolescents and adults interested in developing coping skills designed to assist with depression, anxiety and difficulty with emotions and behavior.  Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a theory and method developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan at the University of Washington to treat women with borderline personality disorder who were experiencing significant problems with intense emotions.  However, the method has been shown to be effective with other mental health disorders as well.



Connie is also qualified as a clinical supervisor with the State of Washington and offers clinical supervision for those seeking licensure.  Please contact her for rates and availability.